• The Ungiving Plate - Its not homemade

The Ungiving Plate - Its not homemade

Since we're actually not that nice and this actually isn't your plate. Go for the shock value with our favorite hostess gift that isn't a gift at all! Beautifully designed and intentionally un-giving these plates are perfect for every family gathering.

BUILT TO LAST: Made of 100% melamine, this plate is durable and top rack dishwasher safe, ideal for all of your sticky, outdoor shenanigans. 

BECAUSE IT'S FUNNY: Other people let you keep their plates and pass them along but we're not those people, so please return to sender.

LIKE GOLDILOCKS: Just like in Goldilocks, this plate is just the right size at 11" in diameter.

EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS: People should know where you stand and this leaves no doubt about how you feel. What's mine, as it turns out, is in fact mine.

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