• Bad Ass Donkey notebook Set

Bad Ass Donkey notebook Set

Your brilliance can't be limited to just one notebook. Expand your horizons with our 3 Piece Notebook Set and embrace your inner novelist, document your teenage angst, write down grandma's cookie recipes. Your secret's safe in these extra special notebooks.  At 5.5” L x 8.25” W, they're big enough to hold all your genius and small enough to go along on your ride.

FUN INSIDE AND OUT: Judge these books by their covers, because they're cute as all get out. 40 lined pages on the inside, three awesome designs in each set on the outside.

GIFTABLE: Perfect for every man and woman in your life, these sets are gift-giving bang for your buck.

SIZE MATTERS: Carry all three or just one at a time, either way they're just the right size to take with you to work, school or band practice.

FUN FACT: Life is better with a little personality. Use our brilliant notebooks to add a little spice to the most boring aspects of your life - grocery lists be forewarned! 

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