I'm Tiffany, owner of Sloths & Molasses, located in downtown Simcoe ON. Mom of 3 boys and previously a healthcare professional, when we made the move to Simcoe, ON in 2017, I decided to bring a shop that features local artisans, with a flair for things a little bit different.

I believe in marching to your own drummer and I believe my shop follows those lines. I love having people wander through the shop, giggling at the little things. It's so important to me that people take time and enjoy all the shop has to offer. Since it's inception we have grown to include Norfolk's 1st eco-refillery, The Retro Room filled with vintage and vintage inspired clothing and household goods and Our Workroom which is now open for rental.

Keep it fun, because life's too short for boring gifts.

 She dreamed impossible dreams.